6 Best Rat Beddings for Utmost Comfort (Review)

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We all need staples in life. From eating to sleeping, some things are common to us as our pets.

If you want your rat to get the best out of life, then you need to ensure that they get a good night’s rest. Just like us, if rats are not sleeping well, then it can cause them all kinds of problems.

Giving a rat a restful night of sleep is as easy as selecting an area for their bed, and choosing some bedding to put in there [1].

The tricky part when it comes to choosing the right bedding is that not all bedding is created equally. We set out to find the best rat bedding.

Check out our recommended picks and stick around for the buying guide after.

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Top Rabbit Beddings at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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6 Best Rabbit Beddings (Buying Guide)

#1 Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Your rat will get a night of great sleep on this soft and comfortable bedding. Each bag is packed with 100% safe, unbleached paper with no harmful chemicals added and has never been printed on.

The result is paper that your rat will love and never be unsafe.

There is a choice of sizes, and each bag is packed tight. When opened, the bedding will expand to three times the volume.

The paper is also absorbent. Your rat can make a mess, and the bedding [2] is extremely easy to clean up without leaving a mess behind.

Key Features
Choice of volume
100% safe
Soft & comfortable

Why we like it

“We like how soft and comfortable this bedding is. Your rat will be held by the paper and find sweet dreams all through the night.”

#2 Carefresh Small Animal Bedding

This is great bedding for your rat and the environment. Not only is it soft and comfortable, but it is also 100% compostable too.

The bedding has been created from sustainable and renewable wood fibers instead of paper. When you are done with it, the shavings, along with anything which your rat has deposited, can be composted and reused.

This bedding has been specifically designed for small animals, so it is perfect for rats.

Key Features
Biodegradable & compostable

Why we like it

“We like that you can compost this bedding when you are done with it. It is soft, natural, and your rat will love to sleep on it.”

#3 Carefresh 99% Dust-Free Natural Paper Small Pet Bedding

This pet bedding from Carefresh is crafted from scratch, not from recycled materials. The natural fibers give a pillowy softness that your rat will sink into.

The fibers are also extremely absorbent, so you do not have to worry about moisture dripping through and soiling the cage. Combine that with odor control, and you have great bedding.

Once you are done with the bedding, you can compost or recycle it.

Key Features
Not recycled

Why we like it

“We like the natural feel of the bedding, which comes from the fibers being made from scratch instead of recycled fibers.”

#4 Kaytee Clean & Cozy Lavender Bedding 

This bedding is great for odor control. The paper bedding is absorbent, six times more so than wood shavings, and has odor control to lock in the smell, along with the moisture.

Each bag also comes with a natural aroma, and you have a choice of four different fresh smells. You also get a color to match the smell.

The paper is composed of long strands, which are recycled fibers, and you can recycle or compost the paper when done.

Key Features
Odor control
Naturally scented

Why we like it

“We like that you get a selection of scents, and the colors to match. You will have a fresh smell in your pet room when you clean the cage, and for a long time after.”

#5 Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding

Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding, 14-Liter, Absorbs 3X its weight By Brand Healthy Pet

This pet bedding is great for the environment. Not only is it crafted from recycled wood pulp, but it is also biodegradable and compostable.

The bedding is also almost 100% dust-free, which is great for those who have any allergies. The lack of dust also makes cleanup quicker and keeps the rat cages cleaner for longer.

Your rat will also love how this bedding feels. It is soft and comfortable and will keep your pet warm, cozy, and dry.

Key Features
Soft & comfortable
Reclaimed wood pulp

Why we like it

“We like that there is minimal dust with this bedding. Not only does that help to keep the cage clean, but it is also great for those with allergies.”

#6 Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding

vitakraft pet bedding

If you are looking for odor control, then there are not many who do it better than Vitacraft. This bedding has a special formula that helps to control odors for up to 14 days.

The bedding can also absorb up to three times its own weight. This means that you do not have to clean the cage as often as you would with other brands.

Add in a lack of dust and, you do not have to clean the cage as often, and you can clean it quickly when you do.

Key Features
Odor control
100% recycled paper
99.5% dust-free

Why we like it

“We like how much odor-control you have with this bag of bedding. We do not recommend leaving the bedding for two weeks, so odors will never be a concern.”

Things to Consider When Buying Rat Bedding

There is not a lot to think about when you are buying rat bedding, but paying attention to a couple of topics can ensure that you get the best bedding out there and keep your rat safe and cozy.

Why Do You Need Rat Bedding?

Not only will the right bedding give your pet the comfort they need but rats like to burrow to create their nests.

That is an easy question to answer and one which applies to us as much as our pets. Sure, we can sleep anywhere, but a bed is much more comfortable, it is better for our health, and will give us a better night’s sleep.

a rat in a cage with best rat bedding

Not only will the right bedding give your pet the comfort they need but rats like to burrow to create their nests.

Bedding will help them to do that.

When not sleeping, rats will gnaw at the bedding, wearing down their teeth and protecting their dental health.

Rat bedding is also great for absorbing moisture and the associated smells.

What Rat Bedding Materials To Avoid

As we may have mentioned, not all rat bedding is created equal. There are some materials to avoid when looking for soft and comfortable bedding.

Cat litter may seem like an obvious substitution for rat bedding or litter, but rats like to chew. Cat litter can be toxic so you should never use cat litter in your rat cage.

Sawdust is not great for their lungs, and wood shavings can often have sharp edges which can be ingested.

Regular newspaper is also out. Rat bedding uses fresh paper which has not been printed on. Rats like to chew, and they will be ingesting all of that ink.

Avoid wood shavings and sawdust. Sawdust is not great for their lungs, and wood shavings can often have sharp edges which can be ingested.

The same goes for cotton. They can eat and ingest the cotton, and that can lead to suffocation.

Avoid all of these materials, and stay away from anything artificial or containing chemicals.

What Is Rat Bedding?

Most rat bedding is made from paper or wood fibers. It is important that you know where the wood or paper has come from, as cheaper bedding can be dangerous for your pet.

If you are choosing paper, then look for paper which has not been crafted from previously inked paper.

Fresh, clean paper is best if you can find it. The same is true for the wood. Check where the wood has been previously used and find bedding with as little dust as possible.

How Often Should You Change Rat Bedding?

Our rule is that you should change the bedding as often as needed, but that does not mean leaving it if it looks okay.

With modern bedding, you have odor protection and great absorption, so the bedding may look and smell clean.

As a rule, we recommend cleaning out your rat’s cage at least once a week, and changing the bedding when you do so.

If the cage or bedding looks dirty, then feel free to clean it more often. Think about what is best for your rat and how you would like your own sleeping area to look and feel.

What Happens If Your Rat Eats Its Bedding?

Rat bedding is created so that rats can nibble on it, and this is essential to help wear down their teeth. For this reason, you should know what is in the rat bedding, and it should be safe to ingest.

Look for natural fibers (wood and paper work best) and the absence of chemicals or ink.

As long as there are no sharp edges or chemicals, then your rat is fine to chew on and eat as much of their bedding as they want to.

Of course, you should not let your rat eat their bedding if it is soiled, but they will naturally resist doing that unless there is a lot of soiled bedding.

The best way to combat this is to ensure that you change their bedding regularly.

Final Thoughts

All of the bedding on our list will create a safe sleeping environment for your rat, but our number one choice goes to the Vitacraft Fresh Bedding.

All of the bedding on our list is affordable, absorbent, and soft, but Vitacraft gives you superior odor control. The 14-day odor-control should not be needed, but it is welcomed. Keep your cage clean and fresh-smelling.

rat sitting on his bedding

Which bedding from the above list did you like to buy for your rat, Please share your opinion


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