6 Best Hedgehog Toys to Prevent Boredom (Review)

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Hedgehogs are cute, quiet, and low-maintenance. They’re also prone to boredom, potentially developing depression, or other behavioral problems [2].

There are a variety of toys on the market to keep your hedgehog happy and healthy. Which ones are best?

Keep reading for our reviews of the best hedgehog toys.

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Don’t have time? Check this comparison table of our top faves!

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Toys for Hedgehogs Top Picks at Glance

We’ve put together this list of our top picks for the best toys to keep your hedgehog happy and healthy!

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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6 of the Best Hedgehog Toys – Buying Guide

You have to know how to handle an animal like a hedgehog [1] correctly, or you might end up with an unexpected bite (ouch).

But what about toys? Hedgehogs like to play, too—and there are many ways you can make sure your little friend has all the fun they deserve.

1. JanYoo Chinchilla Hedgehog Guinea Pig Bed Accessories Cage Toys

The bed accessories from Janyoo are so adorable that you would want to get them in every style. You can get it in a bee, crocodile, giraffe, pig, or reindeer style.

The best part is that you can also purchase extra mats separately if you need to replace them in the future.

These beds are shaped almost like an igloo giving them a private space inside. It’s basically like having their own cute room in their hedgehog cages.

The soft plush makes for a comfortable and cozy bed that your pet will look forward to sleeping in after a night of roaming or playing around.

You can either hand-wash or machine-wash the beds. It has a non-slip bottom to help the bed stay in place and prevent it from absorbing the fluids that may surround it.

We recommend that you get one bed per hedgehog that you have because the large bed can comfortably fit only one pet.

Features of JanYoo Chinchilla Hedgehog Guinea Pig Bed Accessories Cage Toys

Key Features
Small bed measures 6.7″L x 7″W x 5.1″H
Can fit one hedgehog
Can be hand-washed or machine washed
With a removable mat for easy cleaning. In addition, extra mats can be purchased separately
With non-slip bottom

2. MYIDEA Guinea Pig Tunnel Playing Toys

Don’t you just love it when you buy stuff for a specific reason and realize that you can also use that stuff for other things?

Take the MYIDEA tunnel for example. Basically, it is a tunnel that is supposed to make your pets go crazy exploring and enjoy going in and out of it. But, it can also serve as a hideaway to sleep in.

In our opinion, the tunnel is quite short and may not be that enjoyable to explore. It is more effective if used as a room to relax.

The plush cotton and lamb down fabric provide a cozy, relaxing, and warm environment, especially during the winter season.

The size of the tunnel is perfect, as per the reviews of other Hedgehog owners. Hedgies can go in and out of it without any issues.

Cleaning will not be a problem because you can wash it in the washing machine, although hand-washing is probably safer to maintain its shape, especially the openings.

Features of MYIDEA Guinea Pig Tunnel Playing Toys

Key Features
Measures 9.9×5.9×5.9in
Made from lamb down fabric and plush cotton for a cozy hideaway
Machine washable
Can fit Hedgehogs without issues

3. Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Small Pet Playpen

There are times when we want to interact and play with our hedgies but we are too afraid to let them out of their cage and run free inside our home because they might escape or get hurt.

Fortunately for you, Prevue offers a playpen that you can use to have that unrestricted playtime with your pet.

This playpen is also useful if you want to give your pets the floor time it needs to exercise and be active while being able to supervise them.

One playpen set contains eight (8) panels. If you have more pets and want a larger play area, you can purchase another set and combine it. You can also purchase a mat separately.

It is advised that you always look after your pets when they are playing in the playpen especially if you have Hedgehog that loves to jump. They might also get the idea that they can lift the cage to go under.

The playpen is made from non-toxic and pet-safe, powder-coated steel mesh. Your pet definitely won’t be able to escape through the wires with its 3/8 gap.

Features of Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Small Pet Playpen

Key Features
Measures 13″ L x 36″ W x 9″ H
Interior space: 36″ diameter
Wire gap: 3/8
Made from non-toxic and pet-safe, powder-coated steel mesh

4. Dahey Cute Hedgehog Mini Chair Small Animal Toy

The Dahey Mini Chair is a really adorable decoration and displays for your pet’s cage. This will be a great prop if you love taking charming pictures of your pet.

It is made from sturdy plastic and metal. In addition, the stand has rubbers to keep it in place and avoid injuring your pet from a bad fall.

There are a lot of reviews from Hedgehog owners that say they loved how well-made this product is and that it really looks like the item that you see in the pictures.

In terms of playtime, your hedgehog can’t really do so much in this chair. Your pet can sit or even rest on it for a while but they will definitely fall off after a few minutes because of the small space.

Also, the plastic base is quite slippery.

Fortunately, this product is versatile and can be used for other things like a holder for your cellphone, earrings, keys, etc., if you ever find out that your hedgie does not have a use for it anymore.

Features of Dahey Cute Hedgehog Mini Chair Small Animal Toy

Key Features
Measures 4.25”L x 4”W x 5.5”H
Perfect prop for a photoshoot
Made from sturdy plastic and metal
Versatile – can be used for personal things other than just a decoration in the cage

5. Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel

In the wild, Hedgehogs like to burrow and hide from other animals and possible predators in tunnels. The Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel satisfies that natural instinct of Hedgehogs.

The tunnel has three (3) openings, one for each end and one in the middle. It is 23” long which is long enough for your pet to explore and encourages tunneling activity.

It is made of durable cotton and polyester material.

The crinkly sound that the tunnel creates when your pet is walking adds to your amusement. Isn’t it entertaining to hear little footsteps around?

Aside from that, the middle opening on the tunnel also adds to the entertainment when your pet peeks in it to see what’s going on around.

Cleaning will not be a problem – you can choose either to hand-wash or machine wash this tunnel. Since it is made from polyester, it will not absorb the fluid around, preventing it from smelling bad in the long run.

You must check the tunnel daily to check if there are any damages or tears caused by burrowing especially on the openings.

The opening has a wire to keep its shape and any damage might expose those wires and pose a threat to your pet.

Features of Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel

Key Features
23” Long, 6” in Diameter
Made of polyester and durable cotton
Machine washable
Makes a crinkly sound for additional entertainment
Satisfies burrowing and tunneling instinct of your Hedgehog

6. Kaytee Super Sleeper Cuddle-E-Cup With Bag

Can you imagine yourself curled up in a soft plush bed all day? It feels good, comfortable, warm, cozy that you just want to stay on it and never leave. That will be what your hedgie will feel inside the Kaytee Cuddle E-Cup.

The interior of this bed has an ultra-soft, padded faux-fur providing your pet with the comfort it desires and warmth it needs, especially during the winter season.

It also has clips that you can attach to the cage to prevent it from tipping over.

This bed doesn’t provide a private space inside, unlike the Janyoo Bed Accessories. It’s not really an issue since you can come up with ideas to give them a private space with this bed, like placing it underneath a ramp.

It’s big enough to comfortably fit two (2) Hedgehogs with little wiggle room and can be washed in a machine for convenience.

Features of Kaytee Super Sleeper Cuddle-E-Cup With Bag

Key Features
Measures 10”L x 12”W x 5.5”H
The interior is an ultra-soft, padded faux fur for extreme comfort
Has straps for security
Made from durable polyester


Hedgehog toys come in all shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one that will fit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a small toy to keep your hedgehog entertained or something larger that can double as a bed, there is sure to be a perfect option for you.

There you have it – The best hedgehog toys that your prickly friend will love playing with.

a hedgehog with one of the best hedgehog toys

What are your favorite toys from the above list? Let us know in the comments


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