8 Best Hedgehog Cages for Safety (Review of Top Picks)

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Are you thinking of getting a pet hedgehog? They are adorable and friendly animals, but they also have their own unique needs.

Unlike dogs or cats, which can be kept in the house or outside, hedgehogs need a lot of care and space to get enough exercise.

If you want to keep your hedgehog happy and healthy, you’ll need to give it an appropriate cage.

Lucky for you, I’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to. Here are the top 8 best hedgehog cages.

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Hedgehog Top Picks at a Glance

Check the table below for a side-by-side comparison of our favorites!

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Top 8 Cages for Hedgehogs – Buying Guide

When I set out to find the perfect hedgehog cage, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

There are so many things to consider: your hedgehog’s size and temperament [1], whether or not you’re using the cage as a regular habitat or just for traveling purposes, how much space you have available in your home, etc.

It took me weeks of research before deciding what would become my favorite cage for my hedgehog Winston (and he agrees!).

Since it took me so long to decide, I wanted to help you guys create a list of the top 8 best cages out there so that you don’t have to do all the hard work yourself!

1. Guinea Habitat Plus by Midwest

The Guinea Habitat Plus by Midwest is not just for Guinea Pigs but for small critters.

It might be the best home available for your little pet, just like most of the reviews for this cage say.

What we love most about this item is the size. It measures 47L x 24W x 14H – you can put all types of accessories inside to keep your pet entertained while still giving it room to roam around and explore.

Also, it has no elevated platform, so you won’t have to worry about your Hedgehog falling and obtaining injuries.

This is for you if you are the type of hedgehog owner who is meticulous and wants something that can make your life easier in cleaning your pet’s place.

It has a divider panel with hinged “lock-in-place” ramps and doors so you can separate the play area from the litter area.

It also has a durable, leak-proof, washable, and removable PVC lining to protect your pet’s tiny feet.

If your pet needs more space, you can buy another unit to expand their home. This cage got everything you need.

Key Features
Measures 47L x 24W x 14H
A divider inside the cage separates the play area from the litter area.
It has a removable wire mesh top
Huge play space for your pet

Benefits & Drawbacks of Guinea Habitat Plus by Midwest

The expandable feature lets you get another pet without problems if their space is big enough.Because of its huge size, it can eat up a lot of floor space in your home
Easy to remove and clean PVC canvas bottom will save you time in cleaning the habitat
Has big enough space for your pet to roam around

2. Living World Deluxe Habitat

The Living World Deluxe Habitat has a dome-shaped wire top, giving it a unique and more exciting look than the usual flat top. It gives the illusion of a bigger and roomier space.

 It just doesn’t look big; it is big and has a lot of space for your hedgehog. The wire top also opens the whole width for easy access.

It has three sizes – standard, large, and extra-large. The recommended size is extra-large, which is 46.9 L x 22.8 W x 24 H.

Accessories such as water bottles, hay feeders, food bowls, ramps, and platforms are already included when you purchase this habitat.

The hay feeder and water bottle can be clipped and placed outside the cage, maximizing the space inside for other toys or accessories.

Although it has an elevated platform, it is not far above the ground and less likely to cause serious injuries. The ramp, however, can get a little difficult to climb onto because of its angle.

Key Features
Available in Standard, Large and Extra large
Has an elegantly designed dome-shaped  wire mesh top
Includes food bowl, water bottle, hay feeder, ramp, and platform
Has 2 top doors and 1 door at the front

Benefits & Drawbacks of Living World Deluxe Habitat

Elevated platform gives private space for your petAlthough the platform is not that high, it still poses a risk of falling
Top and front doors provide easy access to your pet or when its cleaning timeRamp is steep
To maximize space, water bowls and hay feeders can be attached outside the cage.

3. Prevue Pet 528 Universal

Prevue Pet Products Universal Small Animal Home

Another Pan type of cage on the list is the Prevue Pet 528 Universal. It has a 6” deep tubby base – perfect for keeping the clutter inside and preventing your hedgehog from climbing and escaping.

The pan, platform, and ramp are made of plastic material, so you won’t have to exert too much effort and time cleaning it.

There are also two large entry doors – one on top and the other one on the side.

If you’re worried about the platform, you may opt not to use it anymore. Otherwise, it will not be a problem since the platform is wide enough, and you can place it at the lowest possible level.

You may have to purchase a ramp cover separately to ensure traction to help your pet climb easier and protect its tiny and sensitive feet.

Key Features
Measures 32 ½’’ L x 19’’ W x 17 ½’’ H with 3/8’’ wire spacing
With 2 huge doors – one on top and one on the side
Foldable for easy storage
With deep 6” tubby base

Benefits & Drawbacks of Prevue Pet 528 Universal

2 huge doors mean easy access to your petRamp does not have a cover and may get slippery over time
The durable plastic material is easy to clean

4. AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

This one is for the owners of newbies hedgehogs who need a cage to provide their pet’s necessities.

The upper frame of the AmazonBasics Pet Habitat is made from iron wire, while the base is made from PP plastic.

Essential accessories like a hay feeder, food bowl, and water bottle are already included upon purchase.

The highlight of this product is that it comes with a limited 1-year warranty by AmazonBasics. It is rare to find cages with this kind of feature.

The two huge doors on top and the other in front give you easy entry during cleaning to ensure that every corner of your pet’s cage is dirt-free. It also lets you get to your pet quicker during playtime.

It comes in three sizes – jumbo, large, and standard. However, the best and recommended for hedgehogs is the jumbo. Remember, bigger is better when it comes to a pet’s cage.

Key Features
Comes in three sizes – Jumbo, Large and Standard
Comes with accessories such as a water and food bowl, and hay feeder
Huge top and front door
With a limited 1-year warranty by AmazonBasics

Benefits & Drawbacks of AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

Has the basic needs a starter cage has to havePlastic material may become painful for the guinea feet
Easy maintenance with the help of the two doors on top and in front
Deep base keeps beddings inside.

5. Wabbitat Deluxe by Midwest Homes

This cage houses bunnies. Therefore, you can bet that it can hold a hedgehog with more than enough space to spare.

The Wabbitat deluxe is available in two sizes – standard and extra-large. If you’re unsatisfied and want to extend your pet’s space, you’re in luck because you can purchase an extension for this cage separately.

Even better, you have two choices – a wire extension or a hutch extension.

I believe everyone will agree that the better choice is the wire extension because of its ventilation. The hutch is made from wood and can soak up fluid and stink.

In addition, your playful hedgehog might chew it up.

The ramp is slightly slanted at an angle that might be challenging for your hedgehog. In addition, the ramp has steps meant to be held onto by your pet to help it climb.

However, it can get slippery, especially with your pet’s tiny hands.

Key Features
Has an elevated area for feeding
With huge front doors
Comes with a food and water bowl and hay feeder

Benefits & Drawbacks of Wabbitat Deluxe by Midwest Homes

Can be extended to make an even bigger spacePlastic ramp is a challenge to climb onto
Accessories included saves you time and money
Huge front doors minimize cleaning time.

6. Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus

The Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus has a lot of similarities with the Wabbitat Deluxe by Midwest Homes.

It can also be made larger by purchasing an extension. However, you wouldn’t have any choices because the wooden house is only available.

And like what was mentioned earlier, it tends to absorb liquid or fluids, leaving you with a stinky hut.

The water bottle, hay feeder, and food bowl already come free with this cage. There is also a platform and ramp.

Like with the Wabittat Deluxe, it can also get problematic for your pet to climb because of the angle of the steps.

The highlight of this product is its completely knock-down system. It’s practical and handy. It means that you can assemble and disassemble the cage without difficulty.

It also is a space-saving system, so whenever you feel like bringing your pet wherever you want, you can bring its cage along with no trouble.

Key Features
Measures 55.9 x 23.6 x 19.7 inches
The wooden shelter is provided for nesting and resting. You can also opt not to attach it to the cage.
This cage is created with a knock-down system making it simple to assemble and disband. It also makes this habitat a space-saver when not in use.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus

The wooden shelter provides room for retreatThe wooden shelter may absorb different kinds of fluid, making it smell bad in the long run.
Has huge door that opens in full width for easier cleaningRamp can get a little difficult to climb onto

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7. Kaytee My First Home

At this point, we should already be familiar with what to look for and what to watch out for when it comes to hedgehog cages.

The most important thing is if there is an elevated platform, it should not be too high. Unfortunately, the My First Home from Kaytee platform is way too high and can be dangerous to your pet.

We recommend not using it anymore to avoid unfortunate events from happening.

Without the platform and the long ramp that comes free with the cage, you can now maximize the space and put in an appropriately sized exercise wheel.

If you have bigger pets or active children in the house, it may be better to look at other cages.

Because although there are 4 wire clasps to hold the wire cage to the plastic base, it still seems a bit flimsy and might get damaged easily when knocked out.

Key Features
Measures 43.2 x 18.5 x 8.8 inches
Has caster wheels for mobility
Includes platform, ramp, food bowl, water bottle, and hay feeder

Benefits & Drawbacks of Kaytee My First Home

PortableToo far above the ground and may cause serious injuries
Easy to assembleThe cage needs to be taken apart to be cleaned thoroughly
Has a deep plastic base to keep the mess inside the cageNot sturdy and might get knocked out easily

8. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

I will say it at early as now – this is not a hedgehog-friendly cage, and you should look at other options and not waste your money with this one. Why?  There are two crucial reasons.

First and most important, that platform is way too high. It is built that way, and there is no other way or level to put it because otherwise, you would need a shorter ladder.

In addition, the iron ladder itself is also not suitable for small animals like hedgehogs because of their tiny feet. Yes, you can always skip using it but think of it as wasting money if you cannot use its full feature.

Second, cleaning should be done regularly, but it will be more frequent with this cage because of its very shallow base.

You won’t be able to put in the hedgehog beddings to soak up pee and other stuff. If you do put beddings inside, you can bet that you will be sweeping them on your floor all the time.

One good thing about this cage is that it is movable because of its lockable 4-wheel casters, and you can place it anywhere you please with ease.

But as far as hedgehogs are concerned, please consider other options.

Key Features
Has 4 lockable wheels
Has a shelf for storage

Benefits & Drawbacks of Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Convenient to move aroundElevated platform is way too high above the
ground and poses a high risk of serious injury

​Hedgehog Cage Set-Up

There are a few types of cages in the market for hedgehogs or small animals in general. Some of which are the following:

Wire Cage – This is the most common type of cage. It usually has a deep pan and a solid bottom. The best feature of a wire cage is that it is well-ventilated and can help your pet feel cool during the warm season.

You can easily warm it up with any ceramic heater during the cool season.

Pan Cage – These are the cages with at least 6 inches deep pans. It helps the bedding stay inside the cage to avoid clutter outside. Also, it prevents your pet from climbing and escaping.

Plastic Storage – Plastic storage is commonly used when moving since it is portable and is lightweight.

However, it is quite hard to find this large enough size for other accessories and your pet to move around.

Also, it is too cramped and does not have proper ventilation.

Glass Aquarium – Aquariums have a small floor space and is a bit restrained, especially for active hedgehogs. Moreover, it is pretty fragile, heavy, can be hard to clean, and does not have proper ventilation.

When choosing a cage, it is recommended that you select those with just one floor or those with a second level that is not too far above the floor.

Hedgehogs have poor eyesight, and there is a high risk of severe injuries from a nasty fall.

You should also know where to place the cage properly. It should not be put in a location where it could get extremely cold or hot.

Perhaps, it is best to place it in areas where your pet can experience it day and night. Hedgehogs might be nocturnal, but they also need light occasionally.

Don’t miss my piece on “Is It Illegal to Own a Hedgehog in California?” It’s a must-read for hedgehog lovers.

​Hedgehog Habitat

Since your pet will be spending a lot of time inside their cage, you better ensure they have everything they need to stay comfortable, active, and safe from external elements like bigger pets and unguarded children.

For a cozy and entertaining home, these are the items that should be present in your hedgehog’s habitat:

  • Bedding
  • Wheels
  • Food bowl
  • Water bowl
  • Hammock
  • Tunnel

You’ll be doing your pet a huge favor if you can provide all this stuff. Many accessories are needed, so their cage must have enough space for all of these.

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​Hedgehog Cage Measurement

Hedgehogs are tiny in size. [2] They are also active animals that require a lot of space to move around and exhaust their energy.  The recommended size for a Hedgehog cage is a minimum of 24” x 24”.

If you could score a bigger cage, go for it because, as the saying goes, “bigger is always better,” especially when it comes to your pet’s home.


A hedgehog cage is an important piece to have, so you must have a good one. Above, I’ve described the best ones on the market and what aspects we liked.

Hopefully, you can learn a thing or two to help you search for a hedgehog cage.

a child stand with best hedgehog cages

What are your favorite hedgehog cages? Please let us know in the comments.


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