3 Best Hay Feeders for Guinea Pigs for Less Mess (Review)

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When getting a guinea pig hay rack there are a lot of different options out there, including:

Should I get a guinea pig hay bin, hay dispenser, or a simple hay holder?

The answer is, that while you can get creative (and even make some DIY projects) a good ol’ hay rack is the most sensible way to go.

When getting a hay rack, you need to ensure the following (in order of importance):

  1. Not made of toxic chemicals
  2. No sharp edges that can potentially hurt your guinea pig
  3. Decent volume capacity so the hay can last at least a day
  4. Can be attached to the guinea pig cage (most free-standing hay racks are not that good)

Below we have listed our top three best hay feeders for guinea pigs, which are the only ones we’ve found that fit the criteria above.

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Top Hay Feeders for Guinea Pigs at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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3 Best Hay Feeders for Guinea Pigs

#1 Mkono Hay Feeder 

The greatest feature of this hay feeder is its spring-loaded grill design. It means that the metal that keeps the hay in place just adjusts itself whether the hay increases or decreases.

That is a sure way to keep the hay in place and prevent your pet from making a huge mess inside the cage. [3]

In addition, the grill was designed to have wide spaces in between so you won’t have a problem with your pet’s head or tiny feet getting stuck and you will have peace of mind leaving them with the hay feeder within the crate.

Your pet cannot easily chew on this feeder because it is made from durable and high-quality plastic material. Cleaning will also be a breeze with this.

This is a good investment for your guinea pig, It’s sturdy, it’s an effective mess-preventer, and completely safe for your pet.

Key Features
Measures 5.5”L x 3.5”W x 7.25”H
Made of high-quality plastic and metal material
Spring-loaded grill design keeps the hay intact
Grills have wide spaces in between to prevent injury
Easy to clean

#2 Niteangel Grass and Food Double Use Feeder

This hay feeder doubles as a pellet or food container. It is great for keeping the food and snack in one place which means the food crumbs will also just stay in that area and makes cleaning easier and quicker. [1]

If you have a chewer guinea pig, this might be the perfect hay feeder for you since it is made from natural wood. However, our concern about this feeder is that it is made of Pine wood.

Based on research, Pine wood is a kind of wood that can be toxic to guinea pigs. [2]

When it comes to wood shavings, pine is a nig no-no because it releases chemical compounds that may cause severe allergies on your pet.

So far, there are no reviews yet from a guinea pig owner that says that this feeder caused their pet to get sick.

Another thing is, wood absorbs liquid. It will absorb urine, water, etc and you may end up throwing it sooner than expected. However, you can choose to hang this in your pet’s cage.

After all, it has a snap-lock bracket system that makes it easy to attach to any wire cage.

Key Features
Measures 5.8”L x 6.3’W’ x 7”H
Made from natural Pine wood
Doubles as a food container

#3 M-Aimee Alfalfa Hay Feeder Manger Rack 

Just like the Mkono Hay Feeder, this one also has a spring-loaded grill design to make sure that the feed stays in place so that there will be a lesser mess if none at all.

It is also made from hard plastic and metal to make it last longer.

The features of the M-Aimee Alfalfa Hay Feeder Manger Rack are closely similar to the Mkono Hay Feeder. There is only a slight difference in price, this one being more expensive.

In terms of quality, a few guinea pig owners would prefer another feeder than this one because there have been issues regarding the quality of the plastic body and the knob that attaches it to the cage.

However, performance-wise, it still serves its purpose – which is to keep the hay for guinea pigs inside the feeder to prevent it from spilling all over the place (and into the bedding).

Key Features
Measures 5.5”L x 3.5”W x 7.37”H
Has spring loaded grill design
Made from hard plastic and metal
Wash-and-dry cleaning

a guinea pig eating hay

What is your favorite hay feeder for guinea pigs? Let us know below!


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