7 Best Hamster Tubes and Tunnels (Review & Buying Guide)

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Finding the best hamster tubes and tunnels can be a challenge. It certainly put me in a foul mood when first conducting my initial search.

For instance, most tunnels and tubes aren’t suitable to fit Syrian hamsters.

So most buyers waste money on unusable products when trying to find the best hamster accessories. It’s one of the main reasons I wanted to create an easy-to-follow buying guide.

Read on, and learn everything needed to choose the best hamster tunnels/tubes.

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Don’t have time? Check this comparison table of our top faves!

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Top Hamster Tubes And Tunnels Reviews

My research led me to 7 high-quality options. Before I dive into each one, I must mention that I only choose tunnels and tubes already attached to cages.

This process seems like an easy way to show how they would function in a setup cage. You can then identify what tunnels or tubes best suit your needs.

I also based my research on certain vital qualities. So take a quick look at the research metrics that I used to formulate this list:

  • Materials used in the tubes/tunnels
  • Durability
  • Tube size
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Value of cost
  • Construction quality of the cage
  • Does the cage meet the 450 square inch requirement [1]?
  • Provided accessories

But now, let’s see if one perfectly meshes your hammy’s specific needs. You’ll learn more about identifying those in the later buying guide!

#1 Winner: Ferplast Hamster Cage

Ferplast’s Hamster Cage earns a place on my list for its wildly impressive play tubes. These tubes are spacious and large enough for Syrian hamsters to use without issues.

Sadly, properly-sized hamster tubes are hard to come by within this marketplace. But Ferplast has done a great job with this option.

These impressive attributes don’t stop, either. I was thrilled by this habitat coming with everything a hamster needs to thrive: a wheel, a food dish, water bottle tubes, and a hide-out.

It even makes the owner’s life easier with a removable plastic base. As a result, it becomes much simpler to clean and maintain this cage.

You’ll also love the convenience of the top and front door access locations. For example, you won’t ever have an issue removing or placing something inside the cage.

I’d even recommend this option to a newbie hamster owner. After all, it offers an effortless assembly process that I couldn’t even do wrong.

My only complaint about the size of this cage as it’s too small to use as a primary cage. So you’ll need to use it as a secondary option or use the incredible tubes in another enclosure. 

Features & Attributes

  • 2-level habitat design
  • Made from high-quality plastic and wire mesh
  • Purple and green color scheme
  • Removable 3.25” plastic base
  • Interior and exterior play tubes
  • Includes exercise wheel, food dish, water bottle, and hamster hideout


  • 18.11″L x 11.61″W x 14.76″H

Pros of the Ferplast Hamster Cage

  • Large, spacious play tubes for hamster adventures (big enough even for Syrians)
  • All vital accessories included
  • Simple to clean with a removable plastic base
  • The front door offers easy access
  • Straightforward, effortless assembly

Cons of the Ferplast Hamster Cage

  • too small to use as a primary cage (not enough square inches)

How it Compares to Others

The main area where this cage separates itself is its large play tubes. Your hammy will love them, especially since the tubes adventure outside and inside the enclosure.

Doing so creates a more exciting living space for your hammy. I also must mention its easy assembly and effortless cleaning process. You can’t ask for much else.

Expert Tips

Check out the video on its ad page to get a better idea of assembling it. The included instructions should be enough, but it never hurts to have a visual aid.

What influencers say about this:

One Amazon review was over the moon about the included play tubes. They even noted how the tunnels were big enough for Syrian hamsters.

Where to Buy:

#2 Most Durable Option: Mcage 3-Level Acrylic Hamster Habitat

Mcage’s 3-Level Acrylic Hamster Habitat offers an excellent option for pet owners. This product is a 3-level habitat with sizable interior and exterior tubes that your hammy would love.

Honestly, this cage will ensure your hammy is zooming all over this habitat to get some much-needed exercise.

Features & Attributes

  • 3-level acrylic habitat
  • ⅜ bar spacing
  • 5.5-inch transparent top cover
  • Crossover tube tunnel with a top play zone
  • Front access door
  • Two anti-slip interior ladders
  • Provided accessories include a food bowl, water bottle, a hide house, and a running wheel


  • 28” x 18” x 26” (tubes included)

Pros of the Mcage 3-Level Acrylic Hamster Habitat

  • Excellent, intriguing included accessories
  • Large built-in tunnel for great play quality
  • Durable design for long-term use
  • Suitable for various small animals (hamsters, mice, etc.)
  • Top-notch safety with ⅜ inch bar spacing and transparent cover

Cons of the Mcage 3-Level Acrylic Hamster Habitat

  • Difficult to assembly
  • Shipping concerns (arrived broken in a few cases)
  • Cleaning all the components is time-consuming

How it Compares to Others

The gigantic tubes are this cage’s standout trait. But I must show some love for the durability as its reliable design will have no trouble lasting a long time.

Expert Tips

Multiple buyers have pointed to using zip ties to replace the provided plastic clips, which are frustrating.

I’d also suggest looking at this video about hamster wheels. The video will show you how to incorporate the included safe hamster wheel:

What influencers say about this:

One interesting comment about this habitat was from an Amazon reviewer who loved its transparent, cute design.

Where to Buy:

#3 Best for Customization: Kaytee CritterTrail Turn-About Habitat

Hamster owners looking to lean into their pet’s sense of adventure should consider this option. The tubes and look-out tower are next level in this area.

You can even customize and expand this cage via its extension ports. It represents a simple way to give your hammy as much space as humanly possible.

Features & Attributes

  • Multi-color, plastic 1-tier habitat
  • Interior and exterior tubes with a look-out tower
  • 1/4″ bar spacing (metal bars)
  • Extension ports for customization
  • Front door access
  • Accessories included an exterior wheel, food bowl, and water dish


  • 20” W x 11.5 L” x 22” H (including exterior accessories)

Pros of the Kaytee CritterTrail Turn-About Habitat

  • Top-tier security with 1/4″ bar spacing
  • Easily customization by connecting other CritterTrail accessories
  • Great set of tunnels/tubes with an incredible look-out tower
  • Vibrant color scheme
  • Suitable for multiple small pets

Cons of the Kaytee CritterTrail Turn-About Habitat

  • Tubes are hard to clean
  • Not big enough for use as a primary cage without expansion 
  • The wheel is too big for dwarf hamsters

How it Compares to Others

Any hamster owner will love the level of customization. It gives you an easy way to add to the cage with various accessories.

Expert Tips

Check out this video to see how the customization and extension work. It provides a useful visual aid showing the results.

What influencers say about this:

Multiple Amazon reviewers made it a point to show love to the tubes and look-out tower. I can’t blame them, given how awesome these components look in all the videos.

Where to Buy:

#4 Best Tubes for Dwarf Hamsters: Kaytee Crittertrail Two-Level Habitat

Kaytee Crittertrail Two-Level Habitat offers a great set of tubes and accessories. It represents a perfect standalone option for dwarfs and is expandable enough to fit any hamster.

Features & Attributes

  • Two-tier plastic habitat
  • Spacious tubes
  • Front wire doors
  • 1/4″ wire spacing
  • Removable petting zone
  • Available customization with CritterTrail Fun-nel accessories
  • Extra components include a food dish, water bottle, and exercise wheel


  • 20″ x 11.5″ x 16″

Pros of the Kaytee Crittertrail Two-Level Habitat

  • Tube sizes are ideal for Dwarf hamsters
  • Safe, durable construction
  • Easy front door access
  • Colorful design
  • Petting zone promotes owner/hamster bonding

Cons of the Kaytee Crittertrail Two-Level Habitat

  • A higher-price option
  • Difficult assembly and expansion processes (expansion necessary for use as a primary cage)
  • Wheel is noisy

How it Compares to Others

There aren’t many better options than this one for Dwarf hamster owners. Its excellent tube construction fits perfectly with its smaller stature and allows easy maneuvering.

Expert Tips

If the wheel is too noisy, you can switch it out with another one. There’s no reason another wheel won’t work inside this cage.

Anyone looking for expansion ideas should check out this video. It’ll showcase various possibilities to create the best environment for your little fuzzball.

What influencers say about this:

I couldn’t even count how many reviewers on both Amazon and Chewy praised the cage’s ability to suit dwarf hammies perfectly.

Where to Buy:

#5 Most Versatile Option: Prevue Pet Products Hamster House

The next option’s tunnels function differently than those in our other choices. It utilizes interior slide tunnel ramps to allow easy climbing from tiers.

It offers a fun addition to encouraging pet hamsters to climb and exercise.

Features & Attributes

  • Three-level cage made from plastic
  • Color options: Blue, Green, and Orange
  • Sizes: LG, MD, and SM
  • Two interior slide tunnel ramps
  • Front and top access points
  • Top handle for transport
  • Extra accessories include a hideaway dome, exercise wheel, and two platform


  • LG: 21.63″L x 13.38″W x 14.25″H
  • MD: 17.75″L x 11.75″W x 17.75″H
  • SM: 14″L x 10.5″W x 16″H

Pros of the Prevue Pet Products Hamster House

  • Fun, climbable interior tunnel ramps
  • Multiple combos of sizes and colors for buyer versatility
  • Tough, reliable plastic construction
  • Solid value of cost
  • Promotes better exercise with various exciting accessories

Cons of the Prevue Pet Products Hamster House

  • Lacks exterior tubes or tunnels
  • Needs expanding for primary cage usage
  • Food dishes or water bottles aren’t included.

How it Compares to Others

The amount of available buying options stands out above everything else. It’ll allow you to craft an ideal hamster enclosure and tubes based on a hamster’s size.

Expert Tips

Owners can remove the second floor (third tier) if necessary. I imagine this aspect is helpful for older hammies who aren’t up to climbing anymore.

What influencers say about this:

One Amazon review went on and on about how this cage is a steal at this price. I agree with them more with its excellent slide tunnels and cage design.

Where to Buy:

#6 Best for Syrian Hamsters: Savic Metro Hamster Cage

It’s hard to find cages better equipped than Savic’s Metro Hamster Cage. It comes with everyone that a hamster could ever want or need.

Features & Attributes

  • All-in-one cage design
  • Made from high-quality plastic and metal
  • 9.5-millimeter bar spacing
  • Exterior tunnel fitted with ventilation holes
  • Two large handles
  • Additional parts include two houses, two feeding bowls, a hamster toilet, an exercise wheel, and a water bottle


  • 31.5″L x 19.69″W x 19.69″H

Pros of the Savic Metro Hamster Cage

  • A spacious interior room fit for Syrian hamsters
  • Easy to transport
  • Reliable exterior tunnel for adventuring
  • Customization is available with additional tubes (sold separately)
  • Escape-proof design

Cons of the Savic Metro Hamster Cage

  • A higher-price option
  • The wheel is a little small for Syrians
  • The assembly process can be time-consuming

How it Compares to Others

All-in-one cages rarely come with components for Syrians. But Savic did an excellent job crafting one perfect for these larger furballs.

Sadly, these qualities do make it the most expensive option on this list.

Expert Tips

Anyone having issues with assembling should check out this video from Savic. The video will walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

What influencers say about this:

This reviewer was thrilled about this hamster home and its various components in their video.

Where to Buy:

#7 Easiest to Clean: Ferplast Duna Multi-Tier Hamster Cage

Cleaning out hamster tubes and tunnels can be a nightmare. But Ferplast’s Duna Multi-Tier Hamster Cage makes cleaning the entire cage easy with its top access door.

It’ll help ensure your hamster’s house remains as clean as possible!

Features & Attributes

  • 3-tier plastic design
  • Orange and blue color scheme
  • Exterior and interior play tube
  • Clear top access door
  • Detachable base piece
  • Accessories: 5.5″ exercise wheel, food dish, hide-out, and water bottle


  • 21.65L x 18.5W x 14.76H

Pros of the Ferplast Duna Multi-Tier Hamster Cage

  • Convenient top-door access allows easy cleaning
  • Perfectly sized tubes for dwarfs or baby hamsters
  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy construction for long-term use
  • Prevents escape with outstanding security

Cons of the Ferplast Duna Multi-Tier Hamster Cage

  • Not expandable without a DIY project
  • Some customers complained about shipping issues
  • Too small for Syrians or primary cage usage (not enough square inches)

How it Compares to Others

It’s hard to look at anything but the easy cleaning process. However, the sturdy construction and top-tier security are other high-quality benefits.

Expert Tips

Some customers suggested removing the shelves to set up a bigger wheel. You could also use this room to put in other accessories like the best hamster ball or more tubes!

What influencers say about this:

This YouTube reviewer was very complimentary of all the included hamster toy accessories.

Where to Buy:

What To Consider When Buying Hamster Tubes & Tunnels?

Buying proper tunnels and tubes for hamsters requires some research. But I intend to streamline the entire process by offering detailed conversations about all the vital buying factors:

#1 Do Hamsters Like Tunnels?

A good starting point would be discussing whether hamsters like tunnels and tubes. The simplest answer is most hammies adore them.

One primary reason is tubes/tunnels mimic the burrows wild hamsters will construct. In short, wild hammies use their hamster tunnel system to “store food“(2).

Your pet hamster will do the same with tunnel tubes in its habitat or cage. These accessories become a safe, comfortable place to escape any stress-inducing situation.

#2 Size and Types of Hamsters

Size is one of the more frustrating aspects when choosing hamster tubes and tunnels. The issue comes from most available choices that won’t fit Syrian hamsters (3).

I don’t quite understand why manufacturers continue to make them too small. But it’s a massive issue that continues to frustrate pet owners.

Of course, it becomes easy to avoid problems by only selecting more extensive options. A tunnel or tube of at least 2.6 inches (6.5 cm) in diameter will be a solid beginning range.

This diameter should fit a Syrian hamster without any trouble. Therefore, it’ll be fine for any other hamster like Dwarfs.

#3 Ease of Cleaning

Maintaining a tube or tunnel for hamster use is an essential part of getting one. In fact, tunnels and tubes are favorite spots for hammies to do their bathroom business.

So you’ll need to clean them out regularly. Otherwise, these fun accessories will soon become disgusting cesspools for various medical issues (4).

Therefore, buyers will want a tube or tunnel with an easy cleaning process. You don’t want them attached to a cage that makes removing them for cleaning impossible.

#4 Durability

It’s never worth buying a less durable set of hamster tunnels and tubes. So look closely at the construction material of these accessories.

In my experience, the best ones are made from premium plastic. It’ll provide a tube or tunnel with a stable base to ensure easy and comfortable use.

One resource tool to look at is your fellow customers’ reviews. Nobody will provide better insight into how well a tunnel or tube functions than other buyers.

I can’t tell you how many times a review has saved me from making a lousy purchase. So use these resources when choosing your tubes and tunnels.


#1 Are tubes OK for hamsters?

Tubes are suitable for most hamsters. It’s just crucial to watch them for any chewing behavior when your hamster uses them.

#2 Can Syrian hamsters fit through tubes?

a cute hamster

Many available hamster cage tubes won’t be suitable for a Syrian. You’ll need tubes of about 7 centimeters in diameter to fit these larger hamsters.

#3 Can hamsters climb up tunnels?

Hamsters will have no problem climbing up tunnels, but it’s not the only thing they can climb. We have an entire list of other excellent hamster climbing toy options.

#4 Do hamsters like plastic tunnels?

Most hamsters will adore zipping around plastic tunnels. However, some hammies aren’t too fond of plastic tunnels or any tunnels.

#5 Do hamsters like to sleep in tubes?

Hamsters do like sleeping in tubes because it gives them privacy. Plus, it’s a comfortable environment, especially if their owners put in hamster bedding.

Final Recommendation

The best hamster tubes and tunnels will offer a perfect way for your hammy to roam. It’ll give them an easy way to gain privacy and travel around their habitats.

But if I had to recommend one option, I’d select the tubes from Ferplast Hamster Cage. These tubes are large and spacious enough for any hamster.

However, it’s time to use what you’ve learned and find your ideal option. Let us know what you choose in our comment section!

hamster inside a tunnel


1. Sign the Petition [Internet]. Change.org. Available from: https://www.change.org/p/petsmart-make-petsmart-develop-humane-safe-cages-for-small-animals

2. Manual B. Hamster Facts: Diet, Habits & Types of Hamsters [Internet]. Live Science. Live Science; 2014. Available from: https://www.livescience.com/27169-hamsters.html

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4. Disorders and Diseases of Hamsters – All Other Pets [Internet]. Merck Veterinary Manual. Available from: https://www.merckvetmanual.com/all-other-pets/hamsters/disorders-and-diseases-of-hamsters

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