9 Best Ferret Toys to Keep Your Pet Entertained (Review)

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Are you looking for toys and accessories that are safe for your ferret? Torn between a huge variety of options?

Don’t fret! We got you!

Since we cannot be with our beloved pets most of the time, it is important that we provide them with something to keep them entertained and active.

That is why we have created this list with the 9 best ferret toys you can get…

… so let’s get started!

Ferret Toys Top Picks at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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9 Best Ferret Toys (Buying Guide)

#1 Youngever 24 Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments

A great thing about this is that it includes a lot of varieties. Bad thing is, not all of it is ferret-friendly and can’t be played without supervision.

A few things that are not advisable to be played by a ferret alone are the crinkle ball, star, cotton mice, those with fur, and feather teaser. 

These are all made with something that they can chew and gnaw on and will definitely send your ferrets to the veterinary hospital in no time.

Some items are suitable toys for ferrets like the tunnel which they would surely enjoy, the scratcher fish and balls, color ball, and ball with bell.

If you have time to spare, you can use some of the toys here to play and encourage interaction between you and your pet and tighten your bond. Otherwise, just purchase other toys or set of toys that your ferret can play with alone safely. After all, the purpose of toys is to keep your pets entertained even when you are away.

Key Features
Includes the following: 2-way tunnel, crinkle balls, cotton mice, fake fur mice, cage mice, color balls. Ball with bell, scratcher fish, scratcher ball, scratcher ball with a feather, tumbler toy, feather teaser, star.
A lot of variety to choose from. However, not all of it is ferret-friendly

#2 Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Accessories Kit 3

There are 3 available kits. The first 2 kits contained covers for the cage, ramps, and shelves while the third kit includes a ferret hammock and a hide-and-seek tunnel.

Since these kits are from Midwest homes for Pets, the ramp and cage covers, and hammocks are compatible with specific models of Ferret nation and Critter nation cages only.

It can probably fit other brands of cages but there would definitely be adjustments to be made.

These accessories are very useful for your pets. The ramp covers will help them get a grip and walk safely on the ramps without stressing their tiny feet so much to hold onto the plastic ramps.

Kit 3 is the best among these kits because it contains a tunnel and body blankie for entertainment and a hammock and cozy cube to rest.

Key Features
Compatible with Midwest homes for Pets models of Ferret nation and Critter Nation cages.
Made with polyester microsuede material

#3 Marshall Pet Products Octo-Play

The Marshall Ferret Octo-Play is a very fun and interactive toy especially if you have more than 1 ferret. You and your pets will enjoy playing peek-a-boo in this.

Just imagine the entertainment it can bring you while you watch your pets play with each other.

Aside from using this as a toy, your pets can also use this to nap inside the tunnels or the head.

You must be cautious though and check the inside of the head always because your pets might be chewing and digging inside it without your knowledge.

They can suffer from ingesting foreign objects or they might get themselves stuck. That is especially dangerous when they get trapped inside the head because they might suffer from overheat.

Overall, this is a good toy. It engages your pet to move around which keeps them healthy and active. You just have to monitor it daily to ensure that it is safe for your pet.

Key Features
Size is 11”x8”x4.2”
Has 11 holes – 2 on each of the 5 tentacles and 1 on the head. The measure of each of the tentacles is 5-inch.
Made of soft fleece
Can be hand-washed

#4 Marshall Super Thru-Way

This would be a perfect toy especially if you have more than one ferret. They can chase and hide from each other while you enjoy watching them have fun – and give them some activities (besides eating food).

This tunnel is made of plastic with metal ribs. The see-through design makes it easier for you to see if there are any dirt that should be cleaned up inside.

However, ferrets have sharp nails and teeth that may puncture this tunnel easily. You have to check daily for punctures that may also cause the wires/metal ribs to be exposed.

Daily cleaning is also important to extend the life of this toy. Plastic gets yellowish with time and it will be quicker with the natural oils from the body of your pet.

Your ferret will love this tunnel but will love it even more if it is connected to the Marshall ball pit. They will have plenty of hours to enjoy and entertain themselves and you as well.

Key Features
Size is 15-ft
Made of plastic with metal ribs. Daily monitoring is important to make sure that there are no punctures and exposed wires
See-through design for easy cleaning and for you to enjoy the tunnelling action of your pets

#5 Marshall Pet Turtle Tunnel

This is a great toy for multiple ferrets. They will enjoy playing hide-and-seek in this and when they get tired, they can also use this toy to nap and recharge.

The Marshall Pet Turtle Tunnel is made with polyester and nylon. You might get disappointed that it’s not made of a firm material so it doesn’t hold up steadily.

It will look like your pets are playing with a blanket shaped like a turtle.

However, your ferrets can still enjoy zooming in and out of this toy but you might want to check on them from time to time because they might get trapped inside and suffer from suffocation.

You can attach the Marshall Pet Product Super Thru-Way or any other tunnel that can fit on this toy for added fun.

The dark and covered place satisfies your pet’s burrowing instinct. It is important that you check the interior of this toy daily to check for any damages and prevent injuries that it may cause.

Also make sure it doesn’t get into the ferret litter box.

Key Features
Size is 9.5 x 7.6 x 3 inches
Made of polyester and nylon so it doesn’t stand firmly
Other toys like the Marshall Pet Products Super Thru-Way can be attached for an additional excitement

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#6 Marshall Pet Products Pop-N-Play Ball Pit

Pets are just like kids. They take pleasure in plunging into ball pits and dig through all those colorful balls.

Your ferret will definitely go crazy over this ball pit even if there are no other ferrets to play with. But of course, the more pets, the merrier.

The great thing about this toy is that you don’t really have to attach anything else to it because it is interactive and fun enough by itself.

But if you still want to make your pets happier, then you can attach additional toys too. The Marshall Pet Products Super Thru-Way can be attached to the 2 holes on the sides.

This will make a path for your pet to travel around over and over again.

You won’t have to worry about storing this toy when not in use. It is collapsible so you can place it pretty much anywhere. Also, if the 35 balls included is not yet enough, you can purchase additional balls separately.

Key Features
Size is 14 x 14 x 10 inches
Comes with 35 plastic balls
Additional balls are sold separately
Can be attached to the Marshall Pet Products Super Thru-Way for a whole new level of fun
Collapsible for an easy storage

#7 Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy

This is such a great toy for your ferrets to stay active and healthy. The Niteangel Ferret Cotton Rope Net can be used as a climbing tool to give your pet the exercise it needs.

You can combine multiple nets to make a huge rope bridge or you can also use it as a hammock. However, you have to make sure that your pet is big enough because the gaps of this net are quite huge.

The ropes are thick and strong making this whole net sturdy. Your pet will not easily chew through or fall on this. It’s very functional and encourages your pet to just climb and go around.

It doesn’t only promote activeness, the thick rope also helps in maintaining your pet’s nails and prevents it from overgrowth.

Ferrets have very tiny nails and it is quite difficult to groom it. It is relieving to know that the toy of your ferrets also helps you to maintain their health.

Key Features
Size is 13.4 x 8.3 inches
Made with strong, sturdy cotton making this net safe for your pet
Includes 4 metal clips for hanging
Can be combined with more cotton rope to make a bigger play space

#8 Yangbaga 25 Cat Toys Assortments

There are times when you buy a toy for your pets and you get disappointed because you discover that they are not at all interested on the toy that you just bought for them.

With the Yangbaga various toys, you won’t have to worry anymore. It includes a lot of variety for your pets to choose from and they are bound to have something they really like.

However, there are toys included here that are not suitable to be played by ferrets like the catnip ball, crinkle balls and toys with feather.

Those are made with materials that are very dangerous when consumed by an animal with a small digestive tract.

So, you better make sure to keep an eye on your pets when they are playing with these. Better yet, play with your pet using these toys to make your relationship tighter and your pet happier.

Key Features
Contains a huge selection of toys to be played with. It gives your pet the freedom to choose a preferred toy. However, not all toys included here are ferret-friendly.
Available in 12 pieces and 20 pieces

#9 Marshall Ferret Sweatshirt, Colors Vary

This sweatshirt is sure to make your ferret look fashionable and chic. It is made from a soft material so your pet will be comfortable in it.

However, you should be patient enough to train your pet to be comfortable in a sweatshirt. If not, they will just always get out of it.

This sweatshirt is a useful accessory in providing warmth for your pet when the cold season arrives. Another great thing about this is it has an opening on the hood intended to be the access of the leash so you can walk your pet wearing this trendy sweatshirt.

This sweatshirt is especially useful with ferrets that has a skin or fur issue. It can cover the problem area to make them feel comfortable and confident.

Key Features
Size is 8 x 5 x 0.2 inches
Can be hand-washed
It has an opening for the leash so you can take your pet for a walk while wearing this

hamster playing with a soccer ball

What is your favorite best ferret toy for your pet? Let us know in the comments below!

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