10 Best Ferret Hammocks for Total Relaxation (Reviews)

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Who wouldn’t want to relax in a hammock or plush bed all day?

Well, maybe you’d give a stiff back from it but one thing’s for sure: Your ferret would love it!

But there are a lot of hidden dangers out there:

  • You’ll need a hammock that doesn’t fall down
  • You’ll need material that is safe for your ferret

That’s why we today have reviewed the top 10 best ferret hammocks & beds in 2021 making your search a breeze.

So, let’s get started.

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Ferret Hammocks Top Picks at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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10 Best Ferret Hammocks (Reviews)

#1 Twin Critters Handcrafted Ferret Cave Bed – Tunnel for Ferrets (Raw Bark)

Your ferret will definitely feel at home with nature in this handcrafted ferret cave bed. Made with 100% natural wool, you can use this bed in any season.

It is free from harsh chemicals that other ferret products have from dyes and synthetic fibers. It is not only safe for your pet but for the surroundings as well.

One downside of this bed is that it can’t be hung like a hammock and will take up space on the floor. But, if it can give your pet a good sleep every time, then it is a good purchase.

This very cute design is not just an additional accessory for your ferret cage, but it pairs well with a suitable ferret cage liner for overall cage maintenance.

The design features 2 openings – one on each end. One of the openings is for your pet’s head and the other for the tail.

While this bed may be a little bit expensive, it’s totally worth it and will last a long time, much like a good-quality ferret cage liner which helps to maintain cleanliness and comfort for your pet.

Key Features
Size is 10”x12”
Handcrafted and made from 100% natural wool
Natural wool provides warmth during the cool season and freshness and coolness during the warm season
Design is a very cute accessory for your cage

#2 Marshall Pirate Ship Cage Accessory for Small Animals

Do you know that feeling when you’re on your bed, all tucked in under a blanket? That must be how your ferret feels inside this Pirate ship cage hammock.

The room-like feature gives them privacy and offers a feeling of not being too exposed when they are sound asleep.

Just be careful though because your ferret can dig or chew through this hammock and they might ingest parts of it without your knowledge.

Also, make sure that the 4 holes on the base are big enough to avoid your ferrets getting choked or stuck especially that they will probably be staying here when you are away.

The straps are adjustable and movable giving you the freedom to place it however you please. This comes with a pirate flag for design only.

It’s useless and might not be safe to be placed around smart, playful ferrets. You might as well not put the flag in the cage.

Key Features
Size is 16x9x11 inches which is roomy enough for two ferrets
Adjustable and movable straps
Room-like feature gives privacy and homey feeling and protects them from getting injuries from falling
Washable material for easy cleaning
Comes with a pirate flag for display. However, it’s not advisable to be placed near smart, active ferrets for their safety

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#3 Niteangel Luxury Double Bunkbed Hammock, Fit 2 Adult Ferrets or 5 More Adult Rats (Gray)

This hammock is made with a soft plush material that your ferret will definitely love. It has an upper level and a sort of tunnel shelter below where your pet can cuddle up. I love that they have a space inside but are still exposed enough for proper circulation of air. They will also enjoy it in different weathers. The plush material will warm them up during the winter while still open enough for the summer. It comes in 3 colors: chocolate (not the food), gray and purple.

It has 4 straps to clip onto your cage. One downside is the material used in this hammock is not indestructible – you still have to check from time to time for damages that may cause harm to your pet. The durability of any accessory depends on your pet. Therefore, it’s better that you check their accessories or toys often. Overall, this would be a good hammock for your pet. It’s big enough for 2 to 3 ferrets.

Key Features
Top: L13xW12xH12 Bottom: L16xW12
Made with soft plush material that will make your pets feel comfortable
Machine washable for easy cleaning
Straps are not adjustable and movable
Has 2 levels – upper and tunnel shelter below

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#4 Ferret Hammock by Useful Thingy

If you’re looking to beautify your pet’s cage, you should check out the ferret hammock by useful thingy. It is fashionably designed with leopard and Lynx print.

Not only that it’s cute and stylish, but the interior is also made from soft fleece to give your pet the warmth it needs to get a good night’s sleep.

The straps, even though not adjustable, are thick enough to support the weight of your pet/s and the hooks/clasps attached to them are made of metal which gives you the feeling that your pet is secured and will not suddenly fall while sleeping.

For the price, size, and quality of this hammock, it will definitely be worth it and is a good purchase for you and your ferret. It is big enough to carry 3 ferrets or even 4 if they are small to medium-sized.

Key Features
Size is 25”x15” (large) and can support up to 20lbs
Comes in 2 fashionable prints: Leopard and Lynx
Has 4 thick straps that are not adjustable with metal hooks
Interior is made from soft fleece for warmth
Hand and machine washable

#5 Marshall Pet Banana Hammock

Your pet will most certainly go bananas over this hammock. It is fully lined with soft fleece for your ferret to snug in. It is good for cold seasons.

However, you might have to take it down when the warm seasons come. The 4 straps are adjustable. However, the hooks attached to it are made of plastic material. It is somehow worrying because the hooks might get broken anytime and your pet can get a serious injury from a bad fall.

Also, the straps are thin and your ferrets may easily break them by chewing or gnawing. So, if you get this hammock, be sure to check its condition frequently.

It has 3 openings – one in the middle and one for each end. If you have 2 ferrets, they may enjoy playing peek-a-boo in this hammock too.

The charming and attractive banana design of this hammock can add a little taste to your dull cage or room.

Key Features
Size is 5.5 x 2.5 x 8 inches
Straps are adjustable but may be too thin to carry heavy weight
Hooks attached to the straps are made of plastic material
Lined with soft fleece for that total cozy feeling

#6 Kaytee Ferret Super Sleeper, Sleep-E-Tent, Colors Vary

This hammock can turn into a tent and a hammock when the zippers are down. It is lined with a faux fur kind of material to provide ultimate comfort for your ferret.

It may be comfy but you have to keep an eye out for your ferrets because they can dig and chew through this.

Also, their nails and tiny feet/hands might get caught at the zipper lining. We don’t want any accidents, do we?

When hanged, this hammock can get droopy and your pet might have difficulty moving around so it’s best to put a base below it.

It has 4 thin straps that are not adjustable and the hooks attached to it are quite difficult to be put anywhere.

Overall, you can find a better hammock that is so much cheaper and with better quality than this one. So the main reason for getting this? The design is great!

Key Features
Size is 11x11x14
Interior is made from fluffy fleece
4 thinly made straps

#7 HOPET Cat Hammock

Ferrets love to sleep. They can sleep for almost 20 hours a day. It is important to provide them with a clean space so they can have an unbothered rest.

There are times when we are in the process of washing their beds/hammocks and they’re left with the floor/cage to sleep in.

Or, you are forced to buy another hammock with a completely different quality that your pet may not really like.

The HOPET 2-pack hammock solves that dilemma for us. As the name says, this hammock comes in 2 packs in colors: red and blue. It has 4 thick, adjustable straps with a rotatable hook making it easy to be placed anywhere.

The design is basic and simple in that it will fit easily into any room or cage.

The sides can be reversible depending on the season – the polar fleece to give heat during the winter or the oxford fabric to cool your pet in warm seasons.

Key Features
Size is 18.5 x 14.7 x 0.3 inches and could hold up to 10lbs
Comes in 2 packs which is very handy. You can put the one to use while the other one gets washed
Offers two side to use for the chilly or warm season
Adjustable thick straps with strong, rotatable hooks so you can hang it anywhere you prefer

#8 Jocestyle Cat Guinea-Pig Chinchilla Rabbits Ferret Hanging Hammock

If you’re looking for a hammock that can bring color and fashion to your cage, then this is the one for you. It is designed with owl print and comes in the color pink.

It is not only cute, but it can also give your pet that warm, cozy feeling with the cashmere and canvas lining perfect for the chilly weather but may be too warm during summer.

It has 4 long straps with a stainless hook attached to it so you can hang it anywhere you want. The straps are not adjustable though so you have to make sure that you purchase the correct size for your cage.

In addition, the straps are a little thin and if your pet loves to chew and gnaw, they can easily break this hammock down. So, make sure to check these frequently. Otherwise, this is a good hammock for your pet.

Key Features
You can choose from 3 available sizes
Made from cashmere and canvas material
Stainless steel hook is attached to the thin strap
Strap is not adjustable

#9 Pelay Cat Hammock

Ferrets are known to spend most of their days napping. This is why it is important that you provide them with the most comfortable space to sleep in and rest.

The Pelay hanging ferret hammock bed is a good choice for you and your pet. It gives ample space for 2 small to medium-sized ferrets to cuddle.

However, the hooks attached to the straps are a little thin so it’s not recommended to put on ferrets weighing 16lbs or more.

The interior ma5de from faux wool will give your ferrets warmth during the cold seasons. However, it may be too warm for them during the summer season.

The leopard print makes it look trendy and pleasing to your eyes.

Key Features
Size: 21 x 14 and should hold up to 16lbs
Has a stylish leopard print
Interior is made from faux wool for warmth and comfort and is perfect for cold seasons only
Has 4 straps with small and thin hooks

#10 JOYELF Cat Hammock Bed Pet Cage Hammock

A pet hammock that offers a dual purpose – a soft side with faux wool interior to give warmth to your pet during the cold season and a smooth side made with artificial leather to cool your ferret from the heat of the summer.

Initially intended for cats, you can be sure that the JOYELF hammock is huge enough (size: 19“x 15”) to carry more than 1 ferret and strong enough (up to 30lbs) to support their weight.

Also, the straps are installed with a sturdy metal buckle for a secure connection. You can guarantee that this product is of high quality since the makers of this have been designing and producing pet products for 20 years.

They are experts and have more than enough knowledge on the materials/designs that your pet accessories should have. The design of this hammock is simple but sophisticated and will look fine inside a cage or a room.

Key Features
Size is 19”x15”
Has 2 sides perfect for the changing season
Has 4 straps that are not adjustable but has strong metal buckles for security
Machine and/or hand washable
baby ferret sleeping on the best ferret hammock

What are your favorite best ferret hammocks? Let us know in the comments below!

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