3 Best Chinchilla Dust Baths (Review & Top Picks)

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It’s a natural behavior for your chinchillas to take a flourishing dust bath which helps absorb dirt and skin oils from their fur, keeping their lush coats healthy and clean.

It’s essential to provide a dust bath in your chinchillas’ cage two to three times a week for 10 to 15 minutes, probably in the evening when your pets are most active.

You should offer dust baths [1] to your chinchillas more frequently in humid weather. It’s advisable to use commercially manufactured dust for chinchillas as it imitates the dust in your pets’ natural habitat.

In this article, we have reviewed the 3 best chinchilla dust baths so that you can easily pick one for your chin.

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Top Chinchilla Dust Baths at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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3 Best Chinchilla Dust Baths (Buying Guide)

#1 Oxbow Animal Health POOF

oxbow poof

Oxbow is a known brand for making highly rated pets accessories, and this chinchilla dust bath is no exception.

The Oxbow Poof! Chinchilla dust features a natural blue cloud dust collection that’s free from explosives, strip mining, or tunneling for your chinchillas’ mental and physical wellbeing.

Your chinchillas will enjoy natural grooming behaviors thanks to the 100% Blue Cloud pumice that has no additives. The dust sticks well in your pets’ fur leaving them clean with sheen after the bath.

The dust in the jar can last you for six months, but again it depends on how many chinchillas you have and how correctly you use it.

Note: The dust formula has changed from Blue Cloud to sparkly Blue beauty dust which entails crushed mica that’s still perfect for the chins as it has nothing toxic.

Key Features

Features 100% Blue Cloud with no additives to encourage natural grooming behaviours to your pets
It’s essential for your pets’ mental and physical wellbeing
The blue cloud dust is free from explosives, tunnelling and strip mining

#2 Kaytee 100033514 Chinchilla Dust

Kaytee is another renowned brand in the pet care industry as it offers various pet products ranging from chinchilla toys, wheels, bedding, chinchilla dust, and other accessories.

Their chinchilla dust is 100% natural pumice that eliminates moisture and extra oils from your chinchillas’ coat, leaving it clean and healthy

The natural dust is super fine hence the need to use it in an enclosed environment to avoid creating a mess inside the pet’s enclosure.

Many users recommend this fine powder stating that it cleans their chinchillas efficiently by absorbing all the liquid from their coat.

Unfortunately, some users reported that Kaytee has a thick and lumpy new formula that leaves the cage super dusty causing eye irritations to the chinchillas.

Key Features

Eliminates moisture and extra oils from your chinchilla’s coat leaving it clean and healthy
Made of 100% natural pumice, which is perfect for chinchillas
Some users reported that it’s superfine; hence the dust gets everywhere, making it hard to keep the cage clean

#3 Kaytee Chinchilla Bath Sand

Kaytee chinchilla bath sand comes in third in our list of the top 3 chinchilla dust bath for various reasons.

Made from natural volcanic ash material this chinchilla bath is dust-free, making it a revolutionary idea for your chinchillas cares.

The chinchilla bath sand is an alternative to the usual traditional chinchilla dust since it’s dust-free.

The chinchilla bath sand contains five ready-to-pour and uses packets to help you use the right amount of sand for your chinchillas every time.

The virtual dust free bath sand features a few large particles ensuring that the chinchillas’ cage is less dusty and your chinchillas don’t have to deal with respiratory issues or eye issues.

Key Features

Include five ready-to-pours and use pre-measured packets for easy usage
Made from low dust natural volcanic mineral with large particles in it
The bath sand is virtually dust free and not rough making it ideal for chinchillas
Some users have reported inconsistency in the material used

What Do you Need To Give Your Chinchillas a Dust Bath?

Chinchilla Dust Bath Pen

Your chinchillas will require a dust bath pen to be able to have vigorous dust baths. A dust bath pen is necessary to keep the dust container,d which helps keep the rest of the cage clean.

Apart from a dust bath pen, you can still use a bowl big enough for your chinchillas to flip-flop and roll but ensure it’s heavy enough such that it can’t tip over.

It is paramount to ensure that the dust bath you get is primarily made for chinchillas for it to absorb excess oil and moisture properly on your chinchillas’ coat.

How Do I Give My Chinchilla a Dust Bath?

The chinchillas’ are self-sufficient and nocturnal creatures with instincts that they rely on to do things.

With these furry friends, you don’t have to do much when it comes to dust baths you just need to place a container with dust in their enclosure.

They will immediately get to work, but it’s advisable to supervise them and have time intervals of how long they should dust bath.

Here’s a video tutorial to guide you.

How Much Dust Do I Use?

Chinchillas don’t require much dust to bathe you just need enough depending on the number of pets you have.

If you put too much dust in your dust bath pen, it will only go to waste, and it requires replacing more often after each pet uses the tub.

Read our guide about what is chinchilla dust to learn more.

How Often Should I Bath My Chinchilla?

How much you bath your chinchilla can be determined by the kind of climate you live in.  

If you live in a humid warmer climate [2], your chinchillas may require a bath every day, but if you live in dry, cold weather, then they can wash 3-4 times a week.

A warmer climate can encourage fungal and mold infections hence the need to bathe the chinchillas more often while washing them every day in cold, dry weather can make their fur weak and brittle.


It’s essential to maintain hygiene standards when offering dust baths to your chinchillas to minimize the risk of infection and enhance their overall health.

The dust absorbs dirt, moisture, and oils from your chinchillas’ fur and at times the urine hence the need to replace it more often to maintain hygiene, good health, and wellbeing of your pets.

We hope that our review of the top 3 best chinchilla dust baths will help you choose one that suits your chinchilla needs best.

Final Recommendation

Try Oxbow Animal Health POOF!

a chinchilla in of the best chinchilla dust baths

What do you think about these 3 best chinchilla dust baths? Which one is your favorite? Share your opinion in the comment section. 


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